Thursday, June 26, 2008

Senator Kerry on N. Korea, Bush Admin

“Progress on ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons program is always tenuous and remains incomplete. But the regime’s nuclear declaration is the latest reminder that, despite President Bush’s once bellicose rhetoric, engaging our enemies can pay dividends. Historians will long wonder why this Administration did not directly engage North Korea before Pyongyang gathered enough material for several nuclear weapons, tested a nuclear device, and the missiles to deliver them. Now the President must not prematurely close the books on North Korea’s alleged uranium enrichment activities and nuclear exports. We must ensure there are credible verification and monitoring procedures to ensure North Korea is out of the nuclear business for the long term.”

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jeff said...

When this Administration began its public rhetoric, few remember that the North Koreans sent a delegation to Washington that no one would meet with.
That delegation, in turn, traveled to New Mexico and met with Governor Bill Richardson, with whom they had dealt under the Clinton Administration.
How do you solve problems when you refuse dialog?
At the time, I remember reading that something like only 6% of the soil in North Korea is arable, hence exports are required for food purchases.
Historians will wonder about many things this Administration has done.

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