Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's LeftAhead Podcast: Obama, McCain & the Media

Today's LeftAhead features Mike, Lynne and I, as we zoom in on the role of the media in the General Election. So far, the media's been giving McCain as much leeway as we thought they would. While Obama's had to defend every word he's said, including the infamous "bitter" remark, McCain seemingly always gets a second chance to explain what he meant to say. It's political "Gotcha" journalism at it's worst - when it's only applied to Democrats. Part of 2008's election will be determined on whether or not Obama can hold McCain's feet to his fire, as we think a little heat will make McCain prime to implode in flames of glory - in other words, an Electoral Disaster waiting to happen.

Other topics during today's show:
  • New Electoral Math
  • Remembering Tim Russert the Right Way
  • Is Age an Issue or an Ism?
  • How Long will the Democratic Majority Last?

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