Monday, July 14, 2008

Complete Site Revamp!

Thanks to Sab, my site has a new header. However, that's not all that's new - in order to get the new header, I had to update to the new version of blogger - something I've been loathe to do for months now. What's all this mean in the months ahead? Well, I may start to do polls or use some other nifty features available with the new blogger platform. It took a few hours and I'm not entirely enthusiastic about all the changes, but it will lead to a better site overall. Feel free to point out errors or gaffes in the site and I'll continue to work on it in the upcoming days.



Anonymous said...

You might want to tweak your colors to better match the new header. The Green and Orange is a little unsettling.

Love the logo!

Ryan Adams said...

How's that? LOL

Good tip. I think I like it better this way.

bostonph said...

Most welcome and Much better...

For some reason blogger wouldn't let me log in earlier.


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