Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's been a great year for Massachusetts, but

There's more work to be done. Of course, this is music to my ears.

The state House of Representatives is likely to debate the final vote on repealing the 1913 law Tuesday, PolitickerMA.com has learned.

According to a House leadership source with knowledge of the legislative schedule, debate over the law is expected to occur when the House returns to full session Tuesday.
Given the homophobia that's still alive in today's society, repealing 1913 will send a great message that Massachusetts won't stand for hatred and fear. One of the last vestiges of legally-mandated human rights abuse against glbt people will finally be gone, so we can focus on the far more difficult problems facing our commonwealth and country.

That said, while I'm very greatful for all the effort Speaker DiMasi and most of the House has displayed this year - one of the most successful and effective in memory - there's still more work to be done in just a few short days. Most important of all the bills that could be passed before it's too late is the Global Warming Solutions Act, capping emissions and setting policy that would make Massachusetts a true leader on Global Warming. We've passed a great Energy bill in this state this year, but unfortunately it didn't cap emissions. We can't afford to wait another year to make bold plans to cut emissions.

The Senate passed the Global Warming Solutions Act already, led by Senator Pacheco, so now it's the House's turn. It would be terrible to waste this golden opportunity. Unfortunately, because we're already at the Global Warming tipping point, the climate can't wait. If DiMasi and House Democrats can get this bill a vote during the last days of the session, a vote that will likely pass, this year will truly go down as one of the most effective legislative years in modern Massachusetts history. It will be a triumphant year for those who think Government can be a part of the solution.

Please, call your State Representative, and even ring DiMasi's office. Thank them for taking up 1913, imploring them to vote the right way. But don't forget to tell them that the climate matters and can't wait, either.
Most of this blog is cross-posted at BlueMassGroup, with plenty of good comments on other important bills with just a few days to pass.

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