Thursday, July 17, 2008

MassEquality Bonus Points

Yes, yes, sign their online petition to help get the House to repeal 1913, but that's not what merits this blog.

At the end of their latest email, asking people to sign their online petition, which they'll send to your State Representative, they have a small fundraising pitch...
P.S. Please also consider supporting our efforts to repeal the 1913 law with a financial contribution! And, for anyone who contributes $191.30 or more this week, we'll send former Governor Romney a special MassEquality note card letting him know you made a donation toward repealing the 1913 law in his honor.
Wicked funny! If they were asking for $19.13 to send the note, they'd have it in a second. But, in any event, I don't think I've ever seen such a hilarious fundraising pitch. I'm glad the friendly folks at MassEquality haven't lost their touch - or sense of humor.

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