Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Era of Transportation?

Mike, Lynne and I yakked it up on today's podcast with bike experts Cara Seiderman and Ken Fields of Cambridge, who are bike policy experts representing both government and citizen organizations. Among today's topics, we discussed the importance of people using bikes to meet at least some of their transportation needs - most times people leave the house, they're going 5 miles or less. Why not pedal with your own two feet? It's good for you body, great for the roads, even better for your wallets and fantastic for the environment. Seriously, we all complain about having no time to do things like exercise - why not exercise during your commute?

Of course, that's only a tiny piece of the conversation we had with Cara and Ken. We talked education policy, both to promote biking and biking/car safety. We talked about the potential synergy between public transportation and biking - together, quite possibly just as fast as your normal commute, at a much reduced cost. Cara had important things to say about public transportation in general, while Ken talked about how almost any community can become more bike-able, even the places we'd least suspect (like Lynne's Lowell). All it takes is a willingness for citizens to be engaged and push for smart, cost effective and often cheap policy. So, please, listen.

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Anonymous said...

Are the bikers going to start paying a portion of the road upkeep through some sort of an excise tax? I have to pay one for by boat trailer if I want to use the roads?

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