Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is the Industry We're Protecting

The Dog Track industry is so profitable and important to the Massachusetts economy that Wonderland Race Track is about to be foreclosed on. And, no, this doesn't even have to do with the mortgage lending crisis... they owe the city of Revere more than $800,000 in back taxes!

REVERE - Revere city officials have begun foreclosure proceedings on Wonderland Greyhound Park for failure to pay $789,293 in taxes over the last two years.

Wonderland Park, the city's eighth biggest taxpayer and now the city's largest tax delinquent, also owes $16,673.70 in water and sewer bills, said George M. Anzuoni, Revere's director of finance. The figures were calculated through Aug. 1 and include interest and fees.

Don't worry, though. When you're a government-protected industry, you don't have to worry about silly things like not paying taxes.

The track has been delinquent since 2006, city officials said. But city councilors were surprised to learn last week that the track was able to obtain annual liquor and restaurant licenses, as well as a special permit for parking at a track-owned parking lot while delinquent on taxes. That is a violation of a local ordinance.
This is why we need to make sure the ballot question to end dog track racing passes. The lobby is too strong - and nervous about profits - to trust just to die off on its own, as one would think would be inevitable. They'll keep trying for other revenue streams to add to their tracks, like the even more nefarious slots, which in the end will only serve to keep these dogs down and promote their sufferring. Enough is enough.

HT David.

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Anonymous said...

If my town renewed business licenses with those outstanding debts, I'd do my homework to find out why. What a shame the author of the article didn't ask a few more questions, but then, it seems to be an annointed business that no one dares challenge.
If a business can't pay its bill, it closes its doors. Maybe those campaign contributions really pay off in benefits. Just wondering.

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