Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's LeftAhead: Gladys Kravitz

Casinos, Middleboro, her hilarious, poignant blogging methodology... all up for discussion in today's podcast.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

You are one that uncovers the facts from what I read in your blogs you are pretty good.

Can you ask Mrs.Tufts why she is defending a blatant lie. She defends the fact that this little town in Ct, Went from 2 to 100 esl teachers, Get this Clark Ct. Please everyone mapquest Clark Ct. LOL!

I listened to the pod cast she was very careful actually studdering at times, Could that be so she wouldn't mess up with all the untruths that have been told by her.Take her away from the computer she don't even know how to speak in public.Another thing I heard Mashpee to Middleboro is by her standards over 40 miles in distance, wrong again Mrs Tufts. Try 20 to 23 miles away. Fact useing Long- Lati numbers.You see some have done there research.Mrs Tufts is excellent at harassing people but when it comes to facts. well Ryan just find Clark for me. LOL.

Ryan Adams said...

I don't remember her saying the 40 mile figure. I do know that we all discussed that it was over the national line, which I believe is 25 miles.

Also, what's the big deal? She probably won't be teaching any public speaking classes - and, yet, spoke better than I did. Heck, I'm a trained theater geek and I make mistakes on the radio all the time.

I don't know anything about the ESL teachers and it's not what we discussed on yesterday's show. We talked about casinos and how they don't make sense for the community or the Commonwealth.

Anonymous said...

Oh well,

You got yourself involved with a terrible group of misfits.


Don't let them sink your blog.

So far everything they come in contact with falls apart.

Good Luck Ryan

You just lost a reader.

Ryan Adams said...

I'm very sorry I lost a reader. If you like my stuff enough to read it regularly, I would hope you wouldn't need to agree with everything I say or think. I personally believe that gladys kravitz is a fun blog and that casinos aren't a good thing for Massachusetts, but that's only one of my issues among many. It's free speech and I hope you choose to read it, because I committ a lot of time and effort into this project of mine, but if you don't want to read, then that's your perogative. I can't force you to.

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