Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Decision: I'm Voting Kerry

I didn't ever really doubt that I would. I can't pretend to be thrilled with the fact that he just won't come out in favor of marriage equality. It's frustrating. Yet, I respect the work he's done on Iraq since he lost his presidential bid. He's certainly come out in favor of linking funds to withdrawal before it was popular within the Democratic Party. He also hasn't been afraid to filibuster, which is something Democrats should have been much more willing to do all these years.

Finally, I just can't discount the work he's done in electing strong democrats all over. He was one of the few who really came out strong for Ned Lamont. If there were more Democrats like him two years ago, we wouldn't be hearing about Mr. Lieberman today. I can't forget that - and won't.

So, I'm voting for John Kerry - and I hope, as I suspect, the vast majority of voters will come to the same conclusion.

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