Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Count Your Eggs, Mr. Trump,

Before they hatch. (Thus endeth the Middleboro experiment.)
Milford, a working-class town off Interstate 495 where the glitziest feature may be the pink granite mined from its quarry, is being reviewed as a possible resort casino site by a developer who has worked in the past with both Donald Trump and a Massachusetts Indian tribe, local officials said.
Not even the Trump can get his way all the time. He can't bend time and space or Massachusetts state law.

Of course, the Donald is free to look for casinos wherever he'd like, as is anyone else (I think I'll go check my backyard right now), but the fact of the matter is Class 3 Gambling is illegal in Massachusetts. There can be no class 3 facilities, which are the only successful facilities for major resorts casinos. Ask Rhode Island how successful its Class 2 facility is doing.

More from the story:
The buzz around Milford is yet another indication that while the casino debate at the State House has died down this year, developers across the state are continuing to seek a site in hopes that Governor Deval Patrick will refile gambling legislation in January and that the Legislature will view it more favorably than it did in 2008, when a casino bill died in the House.
Here's hoping the Governor learned his lesson - and won't open Pandora's Box again. That dang thing was pretty damn hard to close and certainly didn't help his administration. There's been great progress made since this state got that genie back in the bottle, but progress would stall again - wasting precious months of time - while we stand around fighting over a rehashed, old story. We'd be an ex talking about our exes. No thanks.

Memo to the Casino Lobby: We're just not that interested.

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