Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going Home, Let the Blogging Commence

I'm EXHAUSTED. Red-eye flight. Weee! My Denver convention is over as the Democratic National Convention begins (I missed the BMG crew by an hour). Some highlights:
  • I sat literally 4 or 5 feet away from Senator Wilkerson at a brunch. She didn't recognize me.
  • Denver's no Boston, but worth the visit. Georgeous museums, civic park (state house, city hall, public library, etc) but ugly skyline (if only they bulldozed the skyscrapers - they worked hard to ruin their backdrop) and absolutely horrid public transportation.
  • Coors Field, though, is wicked cool. I saw Aaron Cook and Edinson Volquez, two bonafide aces on the field. 4-3 game, Rockies won.
  • People are nicer here. I swear it.
  • I can't freaking breath! Seriously, between my allergies and the thin air, I'm getting wicked sick. Most people have faired better, but everyone's noticed the difference.
  • Deval Patrick gave an absolutely wonderful speech at said brunch. I hope to find it on Youtube. I'd wish him good luck for his prime time gig at the DNC, but he doesn't need it.
  • Again, with the brunch. Jamie Eldridge waved me over as I came into the room, insisting I sit with him. I was going to wish him luck in his contest, but again, I don't think he needs it. He's a winner and our state needs more like him.
  • The entire state party has shipped out to Denver; they stayed at the same hotel. John, Gloribell, Alex, Stacey... you name it. As much organizing as we all thought this thing took, it clearly takes a lot more. No one's stopped working since I've been here.
  • I have one or two posts I've been saving for when I'm back home, I just need to type them up. Regular blogging will probably start tomorrow or Tuesday (depending how hard I crash after this weekend trip). Until then!


Quriltai said...

Denver air...yeah. Took a day of losing breath regularly to realize what the altitude was doing. Mind you, the air is fresher and cleaner than anything we get in the Bay State. It's an awesome city, Ryan...I'd say the equal of Boston.

Ryan Adams said...

The 16th street mall made me sad. The fact that there were busses ever 3 minutes, every block made me extremly sad for humanity. People literaly took them block to block, instead of walking the 50 or 60 feet... I think that tips the scale toward Boston =p

Quriltai said...

Would that Boston had a bookstore half the decency of the Tattered Cover. Ditto on the Botanical Gardens. Admit though, that I would miss the ocean.

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