Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Saying No to Bayh

I joined up, will you? The effort to make sure Obama doesn't select Bayh seems to grow by a thousand every time I check.

Here's hoping Obama listens.


Anonymous said...

I don't pay attention to all things political as I should, so could you explain why?
In the past, I have listened to some speeches offered by Bayh and was impressed. I've watched his speeches on CSPAN. What's the objection?

Ryan Adams said...

Well, he was pro-war and far right of center than I'm comfortable with. I think it's important that Obama not pick someone who was pro-war, because that's one of the big reasons that he was nominated to begin with - because he was pro-war from the start. Lots of other issue-related issues, but that's the worst offender.

For those who are "blue dogs" or right-of-center dems and may like Bayh, they should still be against him for party loyalty reasons. If we lose Bayh in the Senate, his seat becomes a Republican seat, because his state has a Republican Governor who would make the choice. That's unnacceptable when we need every vote in the Senate we can get, with a chance to get at or very, very near the level it would take to overcome a filibuster on party lines. We just can't afford Republican obstructionism on Obama's agenda, that much is for sure.

Ryan Adams said...

Correction: Obama was anti war from the start. That was a typo.

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