Monday, August 04, 2008

"Long and Trusted Relationship." Ha!

From the State House News Report: Governor Patrick thankfully refused to support a bailout of the Wonderland Race Track - and their refusal to pay property taxes. Don't worry, though, Wonderland and Revere's Mayor have worked it all out...
In a statement, Wonderland executive Dick Dalton said, "We take full responsibility and have taken immediate action to arrange a payment plan to settle the arrears. We have spoken with Mayor [Joseph] Ambrosino and expressed our deep regrets for any inconvenience we have caused the City of Revere. The City of Revere has been a long and trusted partner and we value our continued relationship with the community.
There's a long and trusted relationship? What part of 'long and trusted' and 'relationship' is withholding more than $800,000 dollars? In long and trusted relationships, does one party take all the money and run? Or do they go years in which one party doesn't pay the legally required taxes to the other? How many layoffs did that $800,000 lead to in the city of Revere - how's that for long and trusted?

It's a relationship, all right, and certainly long - but trusted? Revere is the long and abused wife, who's just starting to work up the courage to leave. Certainly, this $800,000 fiasco will do wonders for the community - in convincing them that they don't need Wonderland Race Track and the hundred favors every year it'll need just to stay open. It's not good for the community one bit, not only are hundreds of dogs being injured there every year, but they can't even manage to pay their own taxes. It's time we put this dog industry out of its misery - and I thank the fine folks at Wonderland for making my case for me.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like unjustified preferential treatment. Would a homeowner get the same consideration? Or any other business? If I were a taxpayer in Revere, I would be plenty upset that licenses were renewed with these arrearages. A liquor license? Sorry, but you'd best believe I think twice before I cast my next vote. There is simply no excuse!

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