Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Blog: Most Influential Liberal Blog in Mass!

I've got to figure out how BlogNetNews manages to score its Liberal Influence Index, but color me a little skeptical that I could beat out BMG. Perhaps BNN has some kind of metric that counts my 'influence' on BMG as well as this site? Or maybe they read my most recent column in Bay Windows - which has certainly raised some eyebrows. (I seriously can't count the emails, comments and calls I've gotten over my column, most of which were very positive and all of which have led me to believe that Sonia will win this race.)

Of course, this is a much better test of what's truly the most influencial blog in Massachusetts, but I won't mind having the glory for just one week. It's kind of like getting to be first in line in elementary school - something every kid should get a chance at - except, I get to add this to my blog resume. Ha!

Related: I'm also listed #8 in over-all influence "per post" and currently #17 out of all state blogs, any catagory. Those numbers are pretty steady week to week, while my liberal influence ranking is typically top 5 (albeit usually not #1).

In any event, thanks goes out to the awesome folks at BlogNetNews for giving me a massive ego boost coming out with such a fantastic website, loaded with fun and useful features and, unlike, can be counted on to be reliable.


Anonymous said...

Well I've been wondering for years under what cockammamie scoring protocol does a whack-job blog like the Chimes at Midnight reach the top fifteen and frequently the top ten???
Honestly these rankings are berserk....they make no sense to me and hell I WRITE the damn Chimes at Midnight!

Elias Nugator

Ryan Adams said...

That sums up my thoughts, but I have to say that the BNN influence ratings are additively fun.

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