Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Problem With Wilkerson

Despite what some would suggest, the problem with Senator Wilkerson isn't that voters just don't know her record; it's that Second Suffolk District voters have had decades to become intimately aware of what the Senator's all about. The problem with Dianne Wilkerson isn't that people aren't reading past the headlines; it's that district voters know all the sordid details that Wilkerson creates for herself campaign finance report after campaign finance report. The problem with Senator Wilkerson isn't the headlines; it's that the headlines write themselves.

The problem with Senator Wilkerson is that, at some point, almost anyone will realize bad behavior can't be rewarded. The problem is that at some point voters will say "enough is enough" and vote for the better alternative. The problem for Wilkerson, it seems, is the time is at hand.
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