Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts on Convention, Night 2

  • Hillary's Speech: amazing. Seriously, she can't do anything more than that, so I hope the media just shuts up about this Hillary/Obama divide. Will 100% of Hillary's supporters vote for Obama? No. That's not how politics work. However, neither will 100% of Mike Huckabee's voters vote for John McCain. Where's all the media obsession on that?
  • Seriously, can CNN stop digging up the one or two whacko Hillary supporters that aren't "feeling it" for Obama? Who need the "two months" to decide (and their 15 minutes). You can get anyone to go on TV and say anything. How about getting one of the vast majority of Clinton supporters in the convention to talk about how they're going to enthusiastically vote for Barack Obama for 2 minutes? Is that too much to ask?
  • On MSNBC: Sorry, guys, but Luke Russert is not an expert on young voters. That guy needs way more experience before he's capable of talking on national TV about politics. K?
  • I figured MSNBC would be a safe channel to watch most of the convention, mixing talk and the speeches. Oops. I completely missed Deval's speech - one of the two speeches during the night that I was actually interested in. C-SPAN tomorrow...
  • That said, Rachel Maddow rocks. I'm so glad she has her own show now. It will kick ass; She'll be better than Keith.

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