Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today's Headlines: Police Details, Russia, Lowell and P-Town

Today's headlines from around the state:

  • Governor Patrick's standing up to police unions on the costly and unnecessary police detail system. "Governor Deval Patrick is planning to release new regulations this morning that will take on powerful police unions by limiting construction details on nearly all state-owned roads, say several people who were briefed on the regulations." More specifics in the link.
  • OMG straight people go to P-Town too? Seriously, this story is just lame and recycled. Besides, if people want a bohemian atmosphere, with local art and restaurants, why not go to somewhere far cooler like Northampton? No Cape traffic, larger selection, cheaper and far more authentic.
  • The Russian/Georgian war stops. Hopefully. Russia humiliated Georgia. Apparently, that's mission accomplished for Russia and its newfound efforts to maintain its regional hegemony.
  • DeLeo "legislator of the year." Really?
  • Things look bleak at the Tsongas arena in Lowell, where the Dem State Convention was held. Big public projects often don't make their money back. In many ways, they're not supposed to. The Tsongas arena is no exception. States and cities would do well to study the pros and cons of these sorts of projects before they build them, and consider whether money that could go into a certain project could be spent elsewhere, more effectively, in an effort to create jobs and revitalize an area. The Tsongas arena is certainly beautiful and seems worth it, but at the very least it isn't attracting the type of demand it deserves.

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