Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Upside of Biden

He's not Bayh. That's pretty much all I can come up with.


Anonymous said...

He's not Kaine or Nunn, either.

Biden will be good on the attack for the general campaign, and brings a lot of foreign policy experience. Jeff Fecke notes that the Violence Against Women Act is a strong point in Biden's favor, and Hilzoy quotes Moira Whelan arguing that Biden also brings top-notch, highly competent staff, which will be desperately needed for cleanup.

I think the only pick that would have actually been exciting to me would have been Clinton, because it would have been such a slap in the media's face. But it wasn't going to happen, and everyone kind of knew it. Biden is, at worst, no worse than the rest of the possibilities.

Ryan Adams said...

He brings a lot of foreign policy experience all right - the wrong kind of experience. Anyone who voted for the Iraq war, as far as I'm concerned, isn't qualified to be considered a foriegn policy expert. (And I haven't even gotten into his connections with the credit industry.)

He's our nominee and I'll support him, but this does absolutely, positively nothing for me - and there isn't a plus for him that I couldn't swat down in an easy critique within a few seconds. I'm just hoping we hide the guy away so he doesn't say anything so stupid as to cost us the campaign.

David Whelan said...

This often Republican leaning sort thinks Biden is a pompous ass. I am certainly inclined to vote for Mr. McCain. A Obanma / Clinton team would have been tough to beat and the fundraising possibilities would have been endless. I've always thought of Biden as someone deeply in love with the sound of his own voice.

Joel Patterson said...

Biden has been a fixture on Sunday talk shows for years--clearly, Obama is not giving up on holding the respect of the chattering class, though his field operation can win it for him without the support of the media.

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