Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Candidates I Wish I Could Vote For on Tuesday:

I've never been a huge fan of endorsements; I don't think they sway very many voters. That said, if I believe strongly enough to support a candidate and become interested in their race, I may as well say it out loud for everyone to hear. So, for the pleasure of my readers, the following people make me passionate enough that I only wish I got the opportunity to vote for them in these supremely competitive elections. If any of you feel as passionately as I do, please click on the link to their website and find ways you can help in this last week of the primary season.

For State Senate: Sara Orozco & Sonia Chang-Diaz.

For State Representative: Pat McCabe in Medford, Jon Hecht in Watertown & Carl Sciortino in Somerville.

I believe these are five candidates who, if elected (or reelected, in Carl's case), would do a lot to bolster the progressive movement in Massachusetts. They're candidates who have an extensive grasp of policy, as well as the energy and drive to bring about the kind of change the people of this state want. Make no mistake about it; these are people who will make a difference.

There's been a lot of progress since Deval's been in office - and a lot of that has to do with the progressive change in the Beacon Hill legislature. These five people will ensure that not only will things keep moving in the right direction, but that they do so even faster, with leadership that will make us proud. I wish I could be at all five places on election day, but since I can't, I hope readers will find a way to get involved in their most important hours of need.

Finally, most of these candidates have done interviews on LeftAhead, the Massachusetts Political Podcast. If you need to find reasons to be enthused, go take a listen. These are people who know their stuff and will do a lot of good, if elected.

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Anonymous said...

See below and see the rest of the story in Herald. I thought we were in a budget mess?

Gov. Deval Patrick and lawmakers have hit the panic button over emergency budget cuts, but their economic jitters haven’t dampened Beacon Hill’s high season for junkets as the governor and other top officials jet off to the four corners of the earth.

Back from China, Patrick is planning a trip to Israel. Lt. Gov. Tim Murray is heading off to Ireland next month and taking Senate President Therese Murray, who just got back from Russia. Mayor Thomas M. Menino is resting up after a jaunt to Italy.

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