Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Thoughts on Tonight's Debate

I suppose this is a live blog.

I missed a good chunk of McCain's speech, but let me just say this: I feel bad for the guy. I truly don't think he's quite as horrible as his campaign is, even if he has a problem with his 'tude (as Republicans have said in the past). If only he ran with high standards, maybe I wouldn't love to use his blogger nicknames. However, he makes the bed he sleeps in. His campaign fired the Rovian shots - and it's his campaign - so he has to live with being the candidate of negativity and divisive politics.

The format of the forum is one I really like. I've said so in the past. That said, most of the questions tonight have been softballs - it's hard to be against "service."

Here's one thing everyone should consider: Obama's right when he says he had a choice when he decided to become a community organizer; he could have chosen to be wealthy and get ahead faster, he decided to serve his country and communities in it that were most in need. That's one of the reasons that I became excited about him - that he made that choice, far before he could have possibly had any political aspirations. He made the tough, good and important choice. Not many people do.

I'll post more thoughts in the comments, as the forum rolls on.


Ryan Adams said...

green energy core

mobilize seniors to get involved in schools, etc.

gov't just has to provide the attitudes; president can 'inspire' people to get involved.

good stuff.

Ryan Adams said...

correction: government has to provide the avenues, not attitudes.

Ryan Adams said...

i want to make government cool again. (getting people to want to participate in government)

Ryan Adams said...

biggest different of the night: McCain doesn't seem to want to recognize that the government has a role to play, prefering private nonprofits being in charge.

Of course, there's a role for private non profits. It's always going to be where most volunteers come from. But there's a leadership role that the government must take - and I just don't see that coming from the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that this country cannot come up with a better way to choose our leaders. The press is mostly at fault, looking to sell papers/tv ad time they spotlight trivial snippets and leave us lacking a well defined list of differences between the candidates. Wouldn't you like to see a full page list of questions defining the areas of interest. Don't let them ramble on about vision, concrete questions ie Would you support a NASA program spending 5 billion a year to have a manned permanent presense on the moon in 10 years?

Anonymous said...

Patrick will phone voters for Wilkerson

From Today's Globe

It is hard to imagine a more irresponsible endorsement. This certainly call into question the Governor's judgement. Explain this my liberal friend.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the Deval-Diane W love fest? I think the Governor can do better.

Anonymous said...

why did Deval endorse Diane W

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