Monday, September 15, 2008

Sonia's Endorsements Grow

You can add BlueMassGroup to the list.

PolitickerMa has a neat story comparing Wilkerson's robocalls (and endorsements) from the Governor, Mayor and Congressman Capuano to Sonia's long list newspaper endorsements - and comes up with this:

Putting any political risk aside, Stephen Ansolabehere, a Harvard political scientist, said it is unlikely the auto-calls will persuade voters. Ansolabehere has studied how effective different modes of voter contact are and recalled that "robo-calls are pretty ineffective, especially compared with in-person canvassing."

Ansolabehere noted, however, that newspaper endorsements can play an important role, especially in statewide races where they've been shown to bring in one percentage point in vote share. In this race, which is not statewide, Chang-Diaz has notably received the endorsements of the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Bay Windows, El Mundo and the South End News.
Now that's not a huge swing, but it's something tangible - it's also something tangible to add to the momentum Sonia clearly has going into tomorrow. If she just gets her people to the polls, she could win this race by a wide margin. That's a difficult feat to make happen, though, so I fully expect this race to be extremely close - which is why I plan on showing up to her office early tomorrow morning and helping her anyway I can. For the sake of having leadership we can be proud of, I can't sit still and just watch this election happen.


Anonymous said...

why is the governor endorsing Diane

Ryan Adams said...

politicians will almost always endorse the incumbent. I really wouldn't take it the wrong way.

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