Monday, September 08, 2008

Sonia/Wilkerson Debate in Video - Sonia Rocks

Lest anyone think this is just an accountability debate, the real reason to vote for Sonia Chang Diaz is because she gets it. Here she is on Cori reform, an issue that I'm sure is very important to 2nd Suffolk District voters.

But I also can't forget why I first got interested in this race: I can't fathom a time to vote for someone who breaks the law, numerous times, and thinks he or she can get away with it.

An audience member asked what both Wilkerson and Chang-Diaz would do to uphold campaign finance laws.

Wilkerson will "try her best." That's all she could say. Literally - and amazingly pathetic. She's just not listening.

The difference between the two of them here is, well, enlightening.

There is a clear choice for State Senator in this race. There's a candidate who takes the job seriously - and not just for granted. That clear choice, that person who takes this job seriously, is not Senator Wilkerson.

For all the dirty details, go visit Mike's site.


Anonymous said...

Diane Wilkerson continues to disappoint. What a shame! The district deserves better representation and appears to have a qualified replacement. Ms. Wilkerson lost it somewhere along the way.

Anonymous said...

It clearly looks like Wilkerson would rather be anywhere else but at this forum. She's toast!

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