Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Election Day

Go out and vote - even if your local race is not competitive. Don't let the blanks beat out your favorite state legislator (well, at least if you like he or she. LOL).

As usual, I couldn't sleep on election eve. This is like the 4th election eve and counting! I thought I'd have some sweet dreams tonight, but I think I've been too worried about Sonia and Carl. I'm going right out to help Sonia now, and will help Carl later on in the evening - at Neighbor 2 Neighbor's office in Boston doing phone calls. Then I'll be at Sonia's victory party, to celebrate and bring back a report for a good blog. I'd live blog the whole day today, while doing election work, but I just don't feel comfortable bringing my laptop into town all day (and certainly don't want to lug it if I'll be canvassing) - and I'm not cool enough for an iphone yet.

So, yeah, go out and vote. Preferably for Carl and Sonia, if you can.


Anonymous said...

Finally got to the polls a half hour before closing. We've got a four-way sticker race for State Rep that I think will come down pretty close, and there are a couple of challengers looking to unseat Marilyn Devaney in the Governor's Council 3rd district. It's been a lot of fun to watch.

Ryan Adams said...

Well, looks like the good guy won in Watertown (I'm assuming that's the race your talking about). Hecht gets it. It was a great interview on LeftAhead that we did with him, if you haven't heard it before. (www.leftahead.com)

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