Thursday, September 11, 2008


The best news I've heard all week:

THE BOSTON GLOBE makes the following endorsements in three competitive Democratic primary races Tuesday:

The Globe endorses challenger Sonia Chang-Diaz.

Allow me to quickly address those who have tried to quell my speech over my support for Sonia: change is inevitable. It's happening this Tuesday in the Second Suffolk, because Chang-Diaz is by far the better pick. Mark my words: most of those who have been fighting against Chang-Diaz will be happy to have her by this time next year.

BTW: The Herald also endorsed Sonia.

Update: The Second Suffolk Trifecta - Sonia Chang-Diaz wins the Bay Windows endorsement, in was the strongest plea of them all. They also borrowed from the title of my guest column in there a month or so ago: Enough is enough. Hat Tip on this update, as well as even more endorsements, to diarist Shirley Kressel over at BlueMassGroup.


Anonymous said...

Why is the Governor supporting Diane W.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Governor endorsing Wilkerson?

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