Monday, October 27, 2008


I reached a new milestone for the site today - 100,000 hits.

Lots more to come. I hope to make the site even better, adding regular videos soon.


Carey Theil said...

Congrats Ryan!

Anonymous said...

You reached a milestone allright, your momma finally took the pacifier out of your mouth so you could have room for your foot.

Anonymous said...

you got mail liberal
see you dailykos dont allow free speech but we can look at the filth you display, you all sound like a pre school camp of cast offs from society. Spoiled little whiny brats. I copy and paste the garbage you all spew on my blogs and we poke fun and laugh at ya all. ENTERTAINMENT YOU ARE.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

THERE THERE NOW LIBBY, Clicked your nothing blog 4 more times. How about that ? A radical right wing NEOCON helping you out. Thank me please,

Ryan Adams said...

sheesh, lots of angry wing nuts over at dkos.

and I don't mean liberals!

posted this a little while ago:

it got lots of comments... and some angry hate mail to my gmail account. Apparently, they felt the need to post angry comments to my blog, too. Wicked mature...

Ryan Adams said...

Also, for the record, my IP address is blocked on 99% of the time I click on the site, my counter does not record it. The only exception is if I check my site on a friend's computer, etc, which may happen 3-4 times a month.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, good for you. Almost always disagree but that is not the point, the ability to discuss ideas is the rock foundation of this country.

Anonymous said...

As of today Wilkerson, Marzilli, DiMasi, DeLeo, and Rogers are all in trouble to one degree or another. What say you? How come Senator Murray still allows her two criminals to stay in the Senate and why have we not gotten rid of Sal and the two thieves that are looking to dethrone the SOB.

Ryan Adams said...

I've been out in front of the Wilkerson issue for a long time - at great personal cost, as well. I penned a significant OP ED in the Bay Windows newspaper that absolutely lambasted Wilkerson in early August. So, obviously I'm glad to see her go.

Most of the people you mentioned are also people who voters should seriously consider going into the future, or already have. I will say that, on the whole, the Globe's been running a crusade against DiMasi based mostly on spurious charges, though I think there's some cause for him to apologize on the Cognos front for abusing his power - yet likely not the law.

laurel said...

Congrats, Ryan! The number of WND comments here reflect the growing importance of your viewpoint. :)

Anonymous said...

Everytime somebody gets in the dems way, they go out of their way to ruin them, it must have been that thug training in the worse decade in US History , those 60's , when a bunch of bratty liberals were throwing temper tantrums 'pretending' to protest the war when what they were really doing is throwing hissy fits because they were too damn whimpy and scared of being drafted themselves ,The lefties never cared about our troops in any wars, it was all about them not wanting to be forced to go to war ,fake doctors notes, leaving the country, signing into mental institutions ...........Anything that could make them put down their toy guns and shoot a real gun .
They carried on, civil disobedience, broke windows, rioted, destroyed property,started fires and worshiped people like Bill Ayers, yes, Bill Ayers is a hero to them, he did what they were too scared to do, Bill Ayers took it to a higher level and made bombs to make his point. All the while the whole stupid pathetic bunch had the nerve to cry foul when a few kids from Kent were shot down because they failed to abide by the law. Liberals hate laws, they would love to do as they please without consequences, and being forced to be men and actually fight in a war was without giving them a choice .
The drippy drugged hippies ruined our country, divided us and ever since it has been US against THEM. They have anger, resentment, low self esteem and in my opinion they are morons.
They complained about President Bush' FISA Bill.........oh they cried VIOLATION OF PRIVACY. Oh please give ME a freaking break, ENOUGH of these lies,this out of control double standard bull that is going on. A dems son went into Sarahs email in an attempt to dig up dirt, Obama sent tons of lawyers to ALASKA to find dirt, Joe the plumbers personal info was looked into, ....liberals are really something. If you asked one to explain what is wrong with this picture,, you would get 50 replies,
50 different replies they would point out it is a completely different thing that they do compared to what Bush does, well I got news for them. They are liars and it is a big difference, Bush enables agencies to keep us safe, liberals enable themselves to access info to seek and destroy, damn, how do they ever people even get up in the morning? Voting fraud, destroying or attempting to destroy any opposition ,anybody who questions them, insults them or talks up to them . How do they do it and live with themselves ? They never apologize for any wrongs, they think they are right about everything, I got news for them, FLASH !!! Liberals are brain dead anti social narcissistic spoiled little brats who never achieved adulthood but lavished being coddled by mommy and to this day they replicate the temper tantrum of a two year old, stuck in their adult bodies, it sure is hard to get down on the floor kicking and thrashing their arms and legs but I am certain if they could ,they would.
They think they are entiltled, they think they should be paid back for being victims of society, they think they are owed.
They are very willing to continue breaking laws, blaming this one or that one ,never ever taking repsonsibilty for anything, they would turn our country into a Communist nightmare insisting it is what the 'majority of Americans want'.
THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DO NOT ACCEPT COMMUNISM , The always right out of touch liberals heard a speech from Obama and that is all it took. And lets not forget those chills up and down their legs. No vetting, nothing.
Proves how unreliable they are. So we have a newscaster in Florida and Philly forcing them to answer the questions that should have been asked 6 months ago and what do we get in return ? Invasion of privacy of the very worse kind and lets not forget, they call us racist . Oh,please, the race card means nothing because they played it way too much that the American people see right thru it. And they said Bush was invading the privacy of the American people ? Clearly they have lost it.
The American people need to get these ineffective, unqualified ,self serving Democrats out of their Congressional seats by the 2010 elections, watch them screw up from Day 1,they have no clue, they lack substance and principles and are a threat to our Country. We need to make liberalism a crime punishable by waterboarding. Enough is enough already, I am sick of the double standards .LEAVE and DO NOT

Anonymous said...

Obamas internals in florida show low youth turnout, under 35 years old is old, hispanics going to McCain ,

older voters are going back to McCain , he is calling people to come to Florida to get out the vote ( but he has said he has millions of dollars in florida and thousands on the ground)

get real people , the polls are lying, people afraid of being called racist and now witnessing what is happening when Obama dem thugs see McCain supporters ,they are lying to the pollsters saying they are voting Obama but they are really for McCain .

Where is this big youth vote OBAMA bragged about? All the foot patrol ? He was suppose to be able to smooth talk everybody but it is not happening. What a joke.

The undecides are voting for McCain .

Ryan Adams said...

Wow, talk about some crazy talk.

No offense, Anon, but you have no idea of what you're talking about and both your fear and loathing is perplexing. Liberals are not the enemies, they are not communists and the whole 'red scare' is as played out as you claim the race card is, if not more so.

If you want to talk about what party is bad for this country, there's 8 years of Bush evidence pointing out that not only are the Republicans bad, but they almost *destroyed* this country's economy and military.

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