Friday, October 10, 2008

Hate-Based Campaigning

It's not a far stretch to go from "that one" and "palling around with terrorists" to here:

I never thought I'd see another campaign that descended into something as nasty and bitter as Kerry Healey's in '06. I should have known better. With Republican campaign operatives, desperate times call for desperate measures. The wall's getting thumped with everything, what the Karl-Rove types don't realize is that in these economic times nothing is going to stick. Meanwhile, with this fear mongering and hatred, Republicans on the national level are digging themselves a deeper hole that it will take years to get out of. Unlike McCain, at least Bob Dole had the dignity to go down with honor.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans probably won't win another election, especially with the Democrats enrolling dead people, the Dallas Cowboys in numerous cities, etc. But that isn't important to you so you won't condemn election enrollment fraud.

Ryan Adams said...

oh, please. most of the 'fraud' is taking place in red states. Witness what happened in Montana and the stiff reaction of Montana's local press against the Republicans who were trying to prevent the vote.

We have strict federal laws that enforce voter regulations. If they're broken, it means stiff fines and jail for many. That's why, surprisingly enough, voter fraud is exceptionally rare, more mythology than something to be afraid of.

Middleboro Review said...

Ryan, That video and the continuing degradation of the rhetoric compelled me to blog about the issues. Moderate Republicans are abandoning Senator McCain and former Senator Lincoln Chaffee is campaigning for Senator Obama.
The Troopergate Report will hit the news cycle on a 3 day weekend, which will somewhat blunt its impact.
Senator McCain should have done better.

Anonymous said...

Senator McNasty has justified his nickname and is now making nicey nice thanks to all the criticism. This man isn't capable of winning the election based on the issues and will accomplish what Mitt accomplished in destroying the Republican Party in MA. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if Barack wins the election (which at this point I think will happen) how long a honeymoon should he get. The Dems will be in total control, just like they are in this state. Will you continue to blame all the problems on previous administrations? How long before Deval, Barack, Nancy Pelosi etc. are totally responsible for whatever happens? I can picture you defending Barack at the end of his second term saying he had no control.

Ryan Adams said...

In typical elections, the honeymoon period lasts a year. They get to blame the previous administration for around 12 months =p

Bush's admin was so bad, that I think Obama should get 16-18. It will, of course, take years to get the budget back to order.

Anonymous said...

Ideologues ready to blame the Dems for tax cuts that sold the US to trading partners to pay for trickle down tax cuts and deregulation to reward wealthy buddies that put us in the $700 billion hole need a reality check. How we dig ourselves out remains to be seen. From where I sit, 3-5 years might be optomistic. 95% of McCain's tax cuts will benefit upper income but since he can't remember how many houses he owns, who's dumb enough to vote for him?
Give me a 'tax and spend' Dem any day after the last 8 years!

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