Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm so glad

We passed that 850 billion dollar bailout because the stocks went down last week. That sure made a difference today!

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Anonymous said...

What is really so sad about it is that with glaring spotlights and intense media scrutiny it's apparent that the legislative branch crafted a pork laden bill which shows it's always business as usual in Washington. And the executive branch couldn't wait to sign it. Shame on both parties. Go Libertarian.

Anonymous said...

This was the biggest mistake after Iraq and it sure defeats any argument about privatizing social security. Guess we successfully sat back, bankrupt ourselves and will wonder why. How about some economics education in the public schools? Naw! Don't want that since folks might understand how they got screwed.

Anonymous said...

How did your Rep. Tierney vote??? He's linked in your "I Strongly Support" section. He received numerous faxes, emails, and phone calls, over 95% against. Did he sell out to the bank execs? Did he walk in lockstep with Bush?

Anonymous said...

You know my position on education funding and unfunded federal and state mandates. One is left to wonder why IRAQ and the bailout measure up in term of breaking the bank, yet not a nickel for public education. Where are the Democrats on that issue?
Dave Whelan

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