Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Liveblogging the Obama Infomercial

This is such a spectacle, I don't think I can miss it. Updates on it will be in the comments.

To the shock of what should be no one, CNN wouldn't air Obama's 1/2 hour infomercial, but felt fine in giving McCain free media with Larry King for the 9pm hour. There's nooo hypocrisy there.


Ryan Adams said...

Watching Hardball before the infomercial.

Bill Clinton's stumped with Barack today, apparently for the first time.

Meanwhile, McCain's made the comment (paraphrasing) that this was the first time something other than an act of god postponed a world series game, then he said something like, 'well, perhaps Obama thinks he's like that.' It was a very nasty comment. McCain's an angry and bitter man. Sooo glad he's going down; he's not fit for office.

Ryan Adams said...

btw - did anyone catch the LeftAhead interview with former presidential and present Senate candidate John Kerry from yesterday? I meant to do a full post on it, but suffice to say it was a good time. We asked him some tough questions in a short spell. We hope to get him for a full 1/2 hour or hour session on LeftAhead after the election.

Ryan Adams said...

oops - link at

Ryan Adams said...

hmm not really liking the format so far... wish it just started out talking about his personal story, his mother, grandmother, etc.

talking about bailout. economic collapse was the 'final verdict' of 8 years of bad policies.

talks about how his policies will help people and small businesses, tax cuts for 95%, grows economy, keeps people on jobs, etc.

Ryan Adams said...

the format is clips, then fade into a personal speech, clips, then personal speech... etc.

like his talk about "you earned" your pension. you paid into it. Then companies shed the obligations. "those aren't idle promises..." laws should gaurantee them.

Ryan Adams said...

deval patrick citing "what we need is big solutions and big thinking." barack obama is that man.

awww, shucks.

Ryan Adams said...

medical bills impacting families. focuses on family that lost their insurance after husband retired. must take from home's equity to pay for medication, retired husband must go back to work at 72. bad times.

Ryan Adams said...

back to obama. have to stop about just talking about health care reform and findally do something about it.

starting with energy indepedence. Huh?


Ryan Adams said...

5 million green energy jobs.

damn straight.

tax credit to afford energy efficient cars.

clean coal technology. ugh. I guess it's politically popular, but it's a MYTH. I wish he could just say that. IT DOESN'T EXIST. It's an excuse to keep mining the coal while America waits for this mythology that's not anywhere close to happening. We can't keep using 1800s technology in the 21st century, for heaven's sake. It's killing the planet and our health.

Ryan Adams said...

yes, "clean coal" frustrates me.

This is why I say that the real government reform is going to come through the legislation, if at all, it's just a matter of having a strong dem who won't block that reform in the white house.

He's a tough guy though and will get some important things done on his own, too. You don't get to be a US Senator from Chicago if you can't enforce your will on important bills... so on something like health care, for example, expect some seriously expanded coverage and hopefully cost controls.

Ryan Adams said...

education now.

Ryan Adams said...

health care sucks up the paycheck.

less money for everything else.

no education policy can replace parental involvement.

Ryan Adams said...

obama talking about his father. He was shaped more by his absence than his presence - only met him once, for a month, when obama was 10.

talked about his mother's role in his early education - she woke him up at 4:30 to do extra studying. transitioned into talking about early ed policy.

tax credit for public colleges in exchange for service to country.

more on health care, updating technology, preexisting conditions, lowers cost of health care, keep coverage & doctor.

Ryan Adams said...

talked about mother's cancer, quick death, 'felt arbitrary.' loneliness. life is short, you better seize the moment.

i'm in this race because i'm tired of talking about the outrage of 47 million american people without health care. loved ones suffering shouldn't have to be more worried about filling out health care forms than fighting their disease. talked about mother again.

Ryan Adams said...

michelle! love her...

Ryan Adams said...

boston convention speech clip. clip from his state leg days. washington. he's 'changed the rules.'

biden blip, obama talking about him... clips from him as kid. apparently, the bankruptcy-bill-voting senator is now a populist. LOL.

Ryan Adams said...

talked about manufacturing jobs and how that translated to overwhelming opportunity for americans. talking about how manufacturing jobs are under threat - ford worker's job was cut back to every other week, layoffs, etc.

Ryan Adams said...

i feel as though i've been a bit cynical tonight. I actually think this is a really good show. he's made a persuasive case.

Ryan Adams said...

live from florida!

Ryan Adams said...

he's making change a choice. it is. people have to VOTE OBAMA for that change. we can choose hope over fear and unity over division, change over the power of the status quo. 6 days we can come together as a nation. that's what's at stake. that's what we're hoping for.

students, small business owners, struggling homeowners, people in every city and town across this nation to achieve their dreams.

knock on doors, make some calls, go to and find out where to vote. if you'll stand with me, fight by my side... together, we will change this country and change the world. thank you and god bless you.

Ryan Adams said...

charley has a thread up at bmg.

Ryan Adams said...

watching countdown. they're starting at the 3rd news item. LOL.

first infomercial in 16 years. I remember ross perot's. I think I watched it... at 8! (I guess that speaks volumes about my politically geekiness).

He and chris matthews poke fun at McCain for trying to lambast the infomercial. great production values according to matthews.

i'd have to give the grade for spectacle at about a B. I wish it were more biographical and focused more on obama speaking.

Ryan Adams said...

matthews is basically endorsing obama right now, lambasting people who are voting against him for his race or family...

"I think he exemplifies this country."

This election is the clearest no-brainer that's ever to exist.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Ryan!

Anonymous said...

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A. The check.

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