Friday, October 24, 2008

MassResistance Off Their Rockers

See, the anti-gay nuts at MassResistance really are insane.
Police said the incident happened at West Middle as children were being let out of school. As parents watched, Olivio parked his car, got out, and began taking many pictures of the school and the students.

Police received a flood of 911 calls from parents and soon the school called. A gym teacher tried to talk to Olivio, who fled toward the high school, police said.
When police arrived on the scene and caught him he claimed he was taking photos for a "documentary." A spokesman for Andover Police told the Tribune that Olivio’s answers were "somewhat vague and suspicious."
So, what'd the guy do when the police finally caught up to him?
Police told Olivio to leave the area, and Olivio responded by running away through backyards in the neighborhood. As he did so, he apparently decided to start stripping.
Don't worry, though, MassResistance's Brian Carmenker came to his rescue.
Camenker told the Tribune that Olivio was evasive when questioned by the police because he was new to MassResistance and "he sort of got excited and flustered and didn’t really know what to say."
Well, people who get excited sometimes do take off their clothes, but generally not when they're running from the police - except, of course, when they're bat shit crazy.

These people are nuts. Luckily, today's story was funny, but that shouldn't obscure the fact that MassResistance - and the people who are attracted to it - are dangerous, quite literally in this case.

Credit goes out to the Eagle Tribute for breaking the story.

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laurel said...

what is hilarious is how camanker, who wasn't on the scene, describes what supposedly happened. the guy truly is nuts. it's interesting that massresistance has enought cash to have employees though. perhaps there was room for more than brian now that amy seems to be awol?

i also liked the quote "he wasn't completely naked." lol!

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