Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Party Politics at its Best

Here's the latest press release from Sonia Chang-Diaz's campaign, photo included.


Governor Patrick: Chang-Díaz a "Great Choice for the Democratic Party"

BOSTON -- Before a standing room only crowd of supporters and community activists at the Harriet Tubman House (United South End Settlements), Governor Deval Patrick, Speaker Sal DiMasi, Majority Leader Byron Rushing and Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh unequivocally endorsed Sonia Chang-Díaz as the Democratic Nominee for State Senate in the Second Suffolk. Chang-Díaz won the Democratic Primary on September 16th.

"To be absolutely clear and unambiguous: As your governor and as a Democrat, I endorse Sonia Chang-Díaz ," said Governor Patrick. "Sonia comes to this role and to this challenge as a teacher at a time when the schools need us…and as an experienced politician, frankly – at a time when we need all the wisdom we can get up on Beacon Hill. Ladies and gentlemen, this a great choice for the Democratic Party and a great choice for the 2nd Suffolk."

Patrick also gave a nod to the hard work of the Chang-Díaz campaign. "I saw a sign just outside that said 'This District is Not for Sale,'" he said. "And by the way, that sign is right. This district is for not for sale…this nomination was earned."
Speaker DiMasi also threw his strong support behind Chang-Díaz : "I am here to wholeheartedly and completely endorse the campaign of Sonia Chang-Díaz …She is a hard worker….She has a great ability to lead in this district. She is absolutely right on every single one of the issues that this district faces…[and] I will do everything I can to help her get her elected in November."

Majority Leader Byron Rushing, who emceed the event and offered his own strong endorsement of Chang-Díaz, read out the names of the elected officials and State Party Committee members who had endorsed. The list included State Senate President Therese Murray (who was traveling outside the country), Representatives Jeff Sanchez, Marie St. Fleur, and Marty Walz, City Councilors Bill Linehan and John Tobin, as well as Sheriff Andrea Cabral.

Chang-Díaz spoke at the end to rousing applause. "Over the next four weeks," she said, "with the help of the Mass Democratic Party and those here today, we will again reach out to the voters of the Second Suffolk District. We will again go door to door and talk to people about their real problems and their real concerns and about what we can do together through State Government to build real solutions. And we will again ask them to join us in this campaign for new leadership."

When a candidate wins a primary, it's of paramount importance that the party unite behind that person. Sonia Chang-Diaz won a hard fought, hotly contested battle - which has left some bitter and angry and acting like a bunch of toddlers throwing a tantrum. Thankfully, this party's leaders have a firm grasp of the situation. This is how people who consider themselves a part of a political party should act. I'll always encourage primary battles, but if you want to be a member of a party, you shouldn't work against the person who wins that primary. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

There are so many politicians who are afraid to go against their 'co-workers' becasue they have worked together on issues and formed friendships. This is why I believe so many incumbents support each other. It would behard to sit in session with a colleague you voted against, especially when you want an important piece of legislation you are sponsoring to pass. The fact that Sonia Chang-Diaz is the democratic nominee is one way for comitted democrats to feel free to support, endorse and work for Sonia. Let's hope this announcement is the start of a real democratic surge to vote for Sonia. I hope see wins by a huge margin and Diane WIlkerson has plenty of time to reflect on the reasons she entered politics and was a shining star in the beginning of her rein. For her personally, she needs to take a hard look on her failings and make a dedicated effort to change her behaviors that got in her way of serving the people of the 2nd Suffolk as admirally as she should have.

Anonymous said...

I dont think this was a good move on his part. He should have stayed neutral on this issue. However, I can understand going with the party nominated candidate. Still do not think it was wise.

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