Friday, October 17, 2008

The Power of the Netroots: Incredible

Anyone else hear the crazy, whacko congresswoman on TV today?


She makes Palin look kind.

Like I said, crazy.

Well... as it turns out, it wasn't such a good idea for Buchmann to provide a window for the world into her inner crazy. Just a few hours after the interview aired on TV, her Democratic opponent has raised over $30,000 on ActBlue. [Update: a few more hours later and ActBlue's raised more than $68,000 for her opponent. Anyone want to take any bets that it'll be over $120k by Sunday night?]

This was a candidate who had only raised $2,500 on ActBlue before Bachmann made a complete ass out of herself. This was a candidate that wasn't even on the netroots radar. Now, she just provided her opponent with an entire new outlet to raise hundreds of thousands in the waning days of this election - all in an incredibly close (less than 5 point) race. Oops.

Well, she did say she was a fool in pretty much the craziest and most inappropriate video ever (h/t) - one that lead to a cease and desist letter by the IRS.


Here's an anti-Buchmann ad that I think is just genius - not to mention amusing.


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