Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pro-Homo Mumbo Jumbo

The Mass Family Institute has a very important e-nouncement.
Dianne Wilkerson became the most pro-homosexual state Senator in Massachusetts after the departure of homosexual state Senator Jarrett Barrios (D-Cambridge). She continued his efforts to repeal the 1913 law, culminating in a voice vote in the Senate for repeal earlier this year. She found strong support from the homosexual lobby, especially MassEquality who worked hard for her reelection. The homosexual newspaper Bay Windows was also supportive of Wilkerson over the years, until they endorsed her opponent in this year’s Democratic primary. Sonia Change-Diaz ended up beating Wilkerson in the primary.
Apparently, it's all MassEquality's fault that Wilkerson's allegedly a crook, or something. Puh-leaze.

Should MassEquality have endorsed Wilkerson in the primary? No. But their endorsement doesn't equate to condoning bribery - to take it to that extreme is just asinine.

But let's all play the guilt-by-association game! MFI supports swearing at kids at school and pornography. See?

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