Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Scary: Prop 8 May Pass in California

The polls are still close, but some polls are shifting toward Team Homophobia. Why? The glbt community has been outraised by around 10 million. A recent, deceptive ad has been very successful for equal-marriage foes and they've had the dough to run it early and often.

While Team Homophobia has the backing of the deep pocketed Mormon church, along with their many eager volunteers, the natural money raisers for the glbt community in this situation just aren't stepping up. Brad Pitt and several celebrities have contributed big dollars, but by and large the LA and Silicon Valley elite just haven't stepped up.

I can't think of anything more dangerous to the glbt movement than losing this November battle. If we lose in California, not only will it break the hearts of millions, but it could entirely stall the entire movement and put the fear into politicians in places like New York, preventing the expansion of our equal rights where we could win in the legislative arena for the first time.

Please donate to defeat Prop 8 in California and forward this blog to all your friends. I know the economy is bad right now and many of us have emptied our wallets for Obama, but if Prop 8 passes in California, its national implications will be disastrous. Even $25 will go a long way.


Greg said...

Domestic partnerships in California are NOT equal to marriage. Visiting a loved one in the hospital is more difficult if you have a domestic partnership. You can not enter into a domestic partnership with a foreigner and have that give that person legal status in the US. There are many many rights that domestic partnerships does not grant like pre-marital agreements or tort liability or filing joint tax return which marriage does. What the sick thing is is that domestic partnerships use the same system as marriage when couples break up.


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Ryan Adams said...


A sad fact: in a same-sex relationship, even with a marriage license in California or Massachusetts, being married won't gain someone citizenship. Just today I met an Irish guy who's engaged to marry a Mass citizen and he was absolutely despondent that he couldn't gain citizenship through it.

Suffice it to say, we can't solve this problem until we get rid of DOMA. This is one of the most horrendous civil rights abuses on the books at the national level.

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