Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What $13,500 Can Buy You

Short answer? A lot of influence.

Long answer? Click that link, but here's a snippet.

The affidavit claims that for her cash payments, Wilkerson worked it: She sent letters to all city councilors demanding a hearing on liquor licenses. She convinced Walker to write a column pushing the joint's application - by painting the holdup as proof the city licensing board had it out for non-insiders.

And, allegedly, she then threatened the city council: Get Deja Vu its full license or she'd hold up the election bill. City Council President Maureen Feeney got mad, the complaint alleges, but agreed to meet with Wilkerson.

I'm not going to be writing a lot about Senator Wilkerson's latest - and probably last - major fuck up, but I must say that I'm proud that I stood up for what was right - at great personal cost, I may add (seriously) - because our public officials must promote the public trust, not destroy it. Sadly, my suspicions were confirmed - in ways that even I couldn't imagine - but thankfully it happened now and not November 5th.

People like Wilkerson are the reason why so many people don't trust government, which makes it all too easy to block important reforms that would improve the lives of Americans, thus giving them real reason to not trust government. Cynicism is a festering disease that feeds on itself, far easier to catch than to heal. Politicians are not special - they're people, like you or I. They work for us, not the other way around; we actually pay their salaries. A disregard for the law or an unwillingness to work on behalf of constituents is unacceptable coming from a public servant. Most politicians get it, only some don't. Thankfully, what we get out of this whole election and Wilkerson experience is Sonia Chang Diaz. As bad as Wilkerson was, Chang Diaz will be good. So a bad story - tragic, even - ends well. The system, though damaged, still works.


Anonymous said...

Wilkerson, Mazilli, DeLeo, DiMasi, and Rogers. What a bunch! All thieves!

Anonymous said...

Anyone still think voting no on question 1 is an option?

Anonymous said...

$23,500 not $13,500..When is DiMasi doing the perp walk?

Ryan Adams said...

This doesn't have anything to do with question 1. And, as I said, the story ends well for the 2nd suffolk.

Anonymous said...

What about all those democratic crooks? You guys are on a hot streak.

Anonymous said...

It's the entrenched crooks Rep and Dem, we need term limits.

Anonymous said...

The fiasco that is Diane Wilkerson is just a manifestation of the overall enabling environment that we, the lemming-like voters of Massachusetts, have created. By continually blindly voting for people like Barney Frank, Tom Menino, Deval Patrick, Therese Murray,Sal DiMase and the like, we have created a one-party state where the politicians feel they have carte blanche to do whatever they please, whether it is legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, or moral or amoral. I'd be willing to bet my entire (tawdry) 401K balance that Wilkerson's actions are far more the norm than the isolated incident on Beacon Hill. Not so much that they are all doing illegal activity, but they are ALL abusing their positions and not doing the work of the people. In a related story, there is one pol on Beacon Hill holding up legislation that would possibly save the lives of State Troopers because HE hasn't been able to obtain a liquor license for his constituent. (Makes you wonder if the Feds are looking in that one too eh?)

What is it going to take before we say enough is enough? How many times do you have to read about stories like Wilkerson's, or the corruption in the fire department, or the $350K pensions to ex-pols, etc. before we start to revolt?

People - please, please, please start to consider these things the next time you go to the voting booth and do the right thing by voting ALL incumbents out and voting for less government by repealing the state income tax.

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