Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing."

Ramble, ramble, ramble, whine

By Barbara Anderson


Anonymous said...

So, Babs, Great job in DC with those banks! Takes a Dem to bail us out, yet again!
Good job with Prop 2 1/2 BTW, but that's yesterday's history. Time to grow up and move on. Voters understand what the impacts of Question 1 would have been.

Anonymous said...

The reason Barbara Anderson exists is because of liberal voters like yourself. Nothing personal, but is the reason we have not been taxed out of our homes. I would agree that there are parts of 2 1/2 that should be changed, but she is not the villian that you make her out to be.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for 2 1/2, it's the only set of brakes on a runaway train.

Ryan said...

I don't think Barbara Anderson's a villain, I just think she's very, very wrong about most things.

Anon 1:50,

If prop 2 1/2 were a set of anti-lock breaks, that wouldn't be a bad thing... but it's like using emergency breaks to stop at a red light. It's just stupid policy, making towns go bankrupt when all they need to do is keep up with the cost of inflation. Expanding programs or buildings beyond 2 1/2 is something towns should vote on, but not keeping up with inflation.

Anonymous said...

How many towns have gone bankrupt since 2 1/2?

Anonymous said...

Barbara Anderson exists because the Mass Democratic party exists.

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