Monday, November 10, 2008

Global Source Meltdown

Anonymous source at the FBI? Shame on him!
Yet in the twilight of his career, if Wilkerson is correct, his cooperation with authorities has led to the political downfall of the only black state senator in Massachusetts.
What exactly was he supposed to do? Not help the FBI nab a politician allegedly accepting bribes? That would be real classy of him...

A final thought on this: Time to play a game! Let's play "finish the Globe's sentence."
Among the questions that remain unanswered
is why the Globe would choose to publicly out the man who cooperated in the FBI's investigation, when the FBI felt he should remain anonymous to the public until the trial? Just because Wilkerson's loyalists leaked it? This is a true low point in journalistic standards for the Globe. When the Globe gives more value to their anonymous sources than the FBI's - allowing those who outed Wilburn to do so on background - you know there's something wrong with the Paper of Record.

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massmarrier said...

From here, he was looking out for his neighborhood and district. As Wilkerson said so many times during her campaign, the district is not for sale. To the whistle blower it wasn't, but she appears to have been selling bits of it for years. There's a hero here and it's not the sitting senator.

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