Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No, Yes, Yes!!

The people have spoken and the dogs will be saved. As well as cities and towns. 3 cheers!

Also, is Massachusetts changing? Maybe we're really becoming the liberal-dom the rest of the country accused us of being - and I've always wished we were. 3 cheers for that, as well!

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Anonymous said...

Ryan maybe you have seen the results statewide. I was very disappointed the repeal of the income tax didn't go through. Have you seen any breakdown as far as geography for the results. I did a survey of 20 people I work with and 3/4 were for repeal. But we're all out in the hinterlands. People out here west of Worcester feel shortchanged by the state, and all the problems with the Mass Pike, Big Dig, MBTA are not our problems. The money is taken out of our pockets and then comes back as "local aid". Just curious if anyone had seen a breakdown of the votes, maybe west of 495 vs. east of 495.

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