Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today's Hopes and Dreams

I hope Barack Obama wins in an electoral landslide today.

I hope that landslide continues into the US House and Senate.

I hope that Proposition 8 fails in California.

I hope that local progressives, including and especially Sara Orozco, are victorious.

I hope that 100% of this country's progressives vote.

I hope that no one who wants to vote is denied their sacred right because of excessively long lines, broken machines, electoral shenanigans or any other reason or rational.

I hope voters acknowledge animals shouldn't be abused for profits and that this state cannot afford to lose its primary funding mechanism.

I hope, if everything else comes true - leading to more and better Democrats being elected, along with the affirmation of important and key policy - that Republicans will learn their lesson and adapt to America's will, instead of trying to thwart it, by becoming do-nothing obstructionists over the next two years. Change can't wait that long.

What are your hopes and dream for today?


Anonymous said...

I hope that a new legislator at the state or national level comes out for term limitations and pushes that concept. Fresh ideas and more varied involvement from new people might lead to a "cleaner" government without the abuses we've seen from BOTH the Republicans and Democrats on a far too routine basis. Promote the opportunity to serve the people, not serve yourself at the pork barrel buffet.

Anonymous said...

Why the special handling of Sal? Isn't he as ethically offensive as Finneran et al? You seemed to have a bit of fun with the Senator from Alaska? Different rules for different people. Sounds like a Mass Democrat to me. Actually it sounds like the Governor. One day he's endorsing Di and the next day he is crapping on Di. What a pal.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Sal turn over the records.

Ryan said...

Anon 6:21,

I've now answered your 'question' 2-3 times in the comments, while asking that you please stay on topic. I've never deleted a comment on this site, other than my own. Please don't be the first!

Anon 5:00,

Interesting idea. I'm not sure if term limits work in practice, though. I'd rather see public financing as a means to keep politicians in check, along with promoting occasional primary battles.

Anon 6:21,

Now there's a fair way to bring up Sal within the context of this entry =) I hope he'll cooperate, too.

Anonymous said...

Term limits works for the executive branch. US Senate - 2 terms, House - 3 terms, same type of pattern for the state. If you can't get done what you want to get done in approx. a decade then you shouldn't be there at all.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Sal turn over the records.

Anonymous said...

These are your pals. What say you?

Already reeling from Sen. Dianne Wilkerson’s bribery scandal, the State House received another legal jolt with the news that a lawmaker has received a subpoena as part of a probe into alleged illegal lobbying payments connected to a ticket-scalping bill, the Herald has learned.

A law enforcement source confirmed last night that an unidentified state lawmaker has been issued a subpoena in connection with a grand jury investigation into Richard Vitale, an accountant and close friend of Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi. Sources said neither DiMasi nor House Ways and Means Chairman Robert A. DeLeo received the subpoena.

Anonymous said...

House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi sought to defend his reputation yesterday even as he again declined to explain why he is resisting an Ethics Commission demand for his records, a move that has sparked a behind-the-scenes legal struggle with the commission's lawyers.

DiMasi said he would not discuss anything about the Ethics Commission investigation into his relationships with friends and associates seeking favors on Beacon Hill because the commission's work is supposed to be confidential.

"I really can't say much about anything," DiMasi said as he entered Governor Deval Patrick's office for a weekly leadership meeting. "There is nothing I can tell you about whether there is or isn't anything before the Ethics Commission because of strict confidentiality, and I think everybody should abide by that. That's all I can say."

"I'm very upset that - and I'm disturbed that - my good name has been called into question," he added. "Obviously, you know, I don't like that. I don't like that at all. And I will defend myself in that manner in any way I can."

The Globe reported yesterday that DiMasi is refusing to comply with a records request from the state Ethics Commission in its conflict-of-interest investigation of large payments made by business interests to DiMasi's close friends and associates. Lawyers repre senting the panel filed a motion Oct. 21 in Suffolk Superior Court to force him to comply, said officials familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

There were rumblings among House members yesterday about the political consequences for DiMasi.

Some said they were nervous about voting for DiMasi if he decides to ask his colleagues to reinstall him as speaker in January. Others said they were getting questions about the speaker in their districts.

But while some stalwart DiMasi supporters said privately that the speaker's hard-line stance against the Ethics Commission investigation gave them pause, none were willing to say anything publicly.

"I have no comment," said Representative John Binienda, a Worcester Democrat and House chairman of the Joint Committee on Revenue. "I don't want to get embroiled in any of that."

The absence of open criticism from House colleagues may be an indication that DiMasi remains strong enough for lawmakers to fear retribution. Another factor that appeared to mute any negative fallout yesterday: Most lawmakers were in their districts preparing for Election Day.

The Republican Party, which filed some of the Ethics Commission complaints against DiMasi after reports in the Globe of payments by business entities to his close associates, criticized the speaker's position.

"There is more than enough to justify an investigation," said Peter Torkildsen, chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party and a former US representative. "Now that the Ethics Commission is apparently pursuing a real investigation, for anyone to attempt to thwart it goes beyond the original questions about violations of law.

DiMasi did not respond to a question from reporters about whether he planned to run again as speaker in January. But David Guarino, spokesman for the speaker, said later that DiMasi "will absolutely be a candidate for speaker."

"I've always acted in the most ethical ways here in the Legislature," DiMasi told reporters. "And any decision I've ever made was in the best interest of the people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

Ryan said...

Alright, seriously, I'm going to start deleting these copy/paste Sal comments. Go over to BMG and start a diary about Sal if you feel this passionately. I'm going to let things take its course and presume his innocence before convicting him in the court of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

I wrote you in for state rep

Anonymous said...

The most ethical Governor in the USA

Gov. Deval Patrick faced immense pressure from former ally Sen. Dianne Wilkerson to push through public funding for a highly controversial development despite the objections of House leadership, the Herald has learned.

Patrick enraged House Speaker Sal DiMasi and others in the Legislature when he approved a $10 million economic development grant to the Back Bay-based Columbus Center complex last year.

“(The Patrick administration) made it very clear that they were under a lot of pressure from Wilkerson,” said a State House source, who said the governor didn’t give colleagues any advance notice of the controversial grant.

Anonymous said...

what is BMG? Am I not cool or what

Anonymous said...

I hope Q1 passes this evening and we finally send a message to the thugs on Beacon Hill.

I hope that McCain wins in the biggest upset since Dewey-Truman.

I hope Hill, Brown, et al retain their seats in the Mass Legislature.

I hope Johnnie B comes close enough to Lori E and that she starts to understand she is elected, not corinated.

Ryan said...

BlueMassGroup.com (BMG) is the state's most popular political blog. That would be a great place to discuss the Sal DiMasi issue or any others I don't write about. I can't write about everything LOL.

Also, Lori's just gone through 2 elections in less than a year, ramped up a huge ground game, that made thousands of calls and door knocks. You can say whatever you think about her political views, but it's certainly unfair to suggest she's thinks she's been corinated.

If you have such strong opinions, though, why not go to one of her open office hours that she holds every month - or send her an email, phone call or message. I bet you'll hear back from her about your concerns.

Anonymous said...

BMG..thanks, Dude. I'll call the rep. Good tip. Is BMG a liberal blog?

Ryan said...

It's operated by liberal editors, but all thoughts and ideology are accepted. There are many libertarians and conservatives over there.

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