Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jacoby: I'll Get to This Later

I don't have much time to write now, but there's so much wrong in today's Jacoby column that I had to write something about it. He crossed a serious line, though I guess that's par for the course for Jacoby.


Okay, I was clearly too busy this morning. It was Jacoby who penned the column, not Vennochi. Total egg in my face - deservedly so. For Vennochi, consider this a personal mea culpa!


Daniel said...

You mean Jacoby or Vennocchi? The link goes to Jacoby.

Anonymous said...

EB3 here Ryan.

Good to see that state subsidized college education you got is paying off.

I think you have a problem with Itlo Americans and it fogs your mind. Cellucci,Menino, DiMasi, Vennochi, DiNucci, Paul Tsongas Arena.

Shame on you Ryan. That attitude caused Governor Alvin Fuller to say,"Screw Sacco and Vinzetti! Strap the bastards in the chair and pull the lever."

When will this bigotry end?

Daniel said...

Fyi EB3- Ryan happens to be one of DiMasi's most loyal supporters, so fie on your slanderous claim of bigotedness.

Anonymous said...

EB3 here,
FYI Daniel, my good man,
DiMasi is Ryan's beard. The exception that proves the rule.

BTW what about the stuff he says about Paul Tsongas Arena?

Ryan said...

I meant Jacoby, Dan. I was in such a rush this morning that I clicked on a column thinking it was Vennochi's and it was really Jacoby's. Obviously, the whole thing makes a LOT more sense now...

That column though, needless to say, is totally offensive and ignorant. It's just another column showing why Jacoby is not worthy of a major newspaper column.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Jacoby add balance to a newspaper that has little?

Ryan said...

No, he adds homophobia, absurdity, offensiveness and crazy talk.

There are lots of great conservative commentators. He's a right-wing hack who's frequently had problems with copyright infringement and just blatantly writing about whatever is the right wing talking point soup of the day.

He adds nothing to that paper and only makes them look like a fool.

Plus, name me one progressive on the op-ed board. There are a few stodgy old traditional liberals and mostly moderates, but not a single progressive. If that's balance, it's rather blindly doing the tightrope act. I'm sure that helps explain why the Globe's been falling off the rope.

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