Monday, December 29, 2008

Can we now officially stop listening to Carly Fiorina?

She was HP's CEO up until 2005 and viewed as some kind of omnipotent goddess by the media elite. Now, it turns out, she was a part of breaking sanctions and selling technology to Iran. That's a serious no-no.
In 1997, two years after President Clinton banned trade with Iran, HP struck a partnership with a newly formed company in Dubai to sell its products in the Middle East. At the time, the company, called Redington Gulf, had only three employees and its sole purpose was to "sell HP supplies to the Iran market," says a history on Redington Gulf's website and Rajesh Chandragiri, the administrative manager in Redington Gulf's Dubai office.
So, let's get this straight: for each of the 6 years she led HP, it was breaking US sanctions by selling to Iran, the Axis of Evil Numero Uno according to Bush and Cheney. It was a country so dangerous, McCain actually sung about how we needed to "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" to the tune of Barbara-Ann.

And she was selling goods there by gaming the system. Then she becomes the media darling who was McSame's attempt to play up his economic bonafides. So, is Iran dangerous or not? Is it a threat, or not? This woman, whom many called on to be McSame's VP nominee, obviously didn't think Iran having HP technology was a bad thing. She also showed a complete disrespect to US law.

What would happen if Obama lifted sanctions to Iran? He'd be nationally lampooned. Yet, it's okay for Carly to sell technology Iran doesn't otherwise have to that country? Am I sensing some serious right-wing hypocrisy, or what? Where's the right-wing outrage and calls of treason? HP was undermining the US's entire effort to crack down on Iran's sponsorship of terrorism - including Hamas, which just sparked a freaking war with Israel. People at HP should be going to jail, not making tens of millions of dollars.

At the very least, can we please stop listening to this alleged traitor on TV every other Sunday?

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Gladys Kravitz said...

If it helps, I got a really nice HP laptop last year for Christmas that bit the big one after 4 months.

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