Monday, December 22, 2008

Dick Cheney's Defending Justice

By telling Senator Leahy to "go fuck" himself. Amazing!

On a related note: how on Earth does Billy Kristol have a job as a NYT columnist?


Anonymous said...

Do you have a problem with Cheney telling Leahy to go f himself or do you have a problem with anyone telling Leahy to go f himself? Leahy can be a bit of a pompous ass and frankly if Cheney tells someone to go f off who really cares. Perhaps 4 years of Biden will be as much fun.

Ryan said...

Well, for the party that claims to have moral authority in life, I find it hypocritical for people like Cheney to tell someone like Leahy to go fuck himself. And, yes, I find it rude. I would not tell an elected leader to go fuck themselves.

Moreover, though, I thought Billy Kristol make a jackass of himself talking about how it made Cheney into some sort of hero of justice. LOL. The guy's a monster.

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