Sunday, December 14, 2008

Free Speech has Consequences

You donate money to a cause, you live with the fact that people will know about it. I have zero sympathy for anyone facing boycotts due to their support for Proposition 8. Proposition 8 was an assault on civil rights and an affront to all humanity. You support it, you live with those consequences. Far from disagreeing with the boycotts, I applaud them. Next time the Mormon Church - or any other - seeks assault civil rights, they'll think twice. Better yet, many in their membership will refuse to join in the H8. I will not support those who would seek to take away my rights as a human being - and neither would any sane, rational person.

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massmarrier said...

Moreover, if any person or group wants to take a political stand, being criticized, publicly cited or boycotted if they are a business doesn't stop their free speech. Like nearly everything adults do, they can make a cost/benefit analysis and decision. Is it worth it?

I'm with you. The idea that folk can act like guerillas and snipers with impunity is anti-democracy. Protesters have risked jail and worse from colonial times here to make their points. That can take some guts. Whining when you get called for what you do doesn't.

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