Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Like This Headline

"Charting a New World Role."

It's hard not to get warm, fuzzy feelings - after eight years of Bush - reading stories like this.
WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama, introducing his high-powered national security team yesterday, promised a "new dawn of American leadership" in the world, in which the United States would usher in an era of global cooperation.

Marking a sharp break from the Bush administration, Obama and his team vowed to focus on diplomacy, not solely military power, to tackle terrorism, end the Iraq war, rebuild Afghanistan, and help other emerging democracies.
Solutions don't come from invasions and divisions, they come from working together and keeping people at the table. Getting it is only half the battle, but it's nice to know that come January 20th, we're going to have a President who gets it again. Thank goodness!

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