Monday, December 22, 2008

Isn't it Cute

That PolitickerMA takes the Mass GOP seriously?


Quriltai said...

I should hope so. As soon as the standards and interest are lowered because it's "only the Mass GOP", is when their Renaissance begins. Many a political party regains life because they're no longer held to a high standard, and can scrabble back up where any minor victory is grounds for redemption. I much prefer to have these guys monitored closely just to highlight how desperate a bunch they are.

Anonymous said...

Eric Fernstrom, Romney's mouthpiece, has written several opeds that the Globe published.
Discuss all the details you want, but it seems the first question should be --
Is there a Mass GOP?

Anonymous said...

honestly, i was introduced to politickerma over the summer...

i tended to go there for random news about mass politics that no other place seemed to report on (the dimasi issue to my knowledge was first presented there in like july)..but more than that i noticed how serious they took barney keller. let's talk about political hacks in's sad that a democrat is not the first name that comes to mind..barney keller is a joke

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