Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick Break from Politics for Sports

Mark me as unconcerned the Yankees signed Teixeira for $180 million dollars. We'll get the last laugh when Lowell and Youk collectively hit for over 200 RBI at a tiny fraction of the cost of Tex and A-Rod. Oh, and they still don't have the rotation to beat us, especially when Burnett misses 3/4s of the next five years and CC balloons in the comfort of his new lottery win for most of the next decade. This is actually a good day for Red Sox Nation.


Lots of angry talk across Boston sports sites, like this article at the Herald. People really need to have a little perspective. I honestly don't know how the Sox will do next year. They could win the division. They could come in third. But what I do know is that, on paper, our team is very, very competitive. I do know that we have the prospects to either provide immediate help at any point of the season, or to use as chips to go after a Peavy or a bat if we need it mid season. Plus, we still have the resources to go get another arm for the rotation right now - with Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets still on the market, there's two 1-A types out there for the taking.

There's lots of fears that NY will go buy Manny's bat, too. I hope they do. That, on top of Teixeira, Burnett and Sabathia would probably mean a pennant for the Yanks this year, but it means another long-term contract to tie them down. While the Yank fans may not mind these contracts this year, they will very, very soon, for they've never learned their lessons from signing the Giambis and Pavanos in the past. These contracts could kill the Yankees for most of the next decade - all the while the Sox, with their great, young talent, are poised to win now and win down the road.

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