Thursday, December 25, 2008

So is This, Like, an Advertisement?

NYT (owners of the Globe) looking to sell its 17.5% stake in the Red Sox. 'Sources say.' Imagine the conversation...

From Wallack's end...

"Hey, boss, what's going on?"
"Oh, we're selling our stake in the Sox?"
"But what about my free tickets?"
"Oh, good, there won't be time enough to lose the seats for this season. Thank god."
"Yeah, it's not really a core interest in the company - and it's one hell of a conflict of interest for the sports section of the Globe."
"Oh, you don't care about that?"
"No problem, I'll write the story. Should I include a price?"
"Inflate it - but make it seem like we'll sell it for a bargain compared to its trumped up worth? Desperate as we are for cash? Got it. I'll have this story ready in a jiffy. Have a nice day."

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