Monday, December 01, 2008

You Won't Find this in Today's Globe...

Watching the Today Show right now - consumers spent 3% more this year over last on Black Friday, almost amounting to a full 11 billion in spending (or - /shudder - $372 per shopper). Note to the Globe: I'm getting ready to charge a consulting fee on this good advice I keep giving. I could use the dough - and the Globe could clearly use the advice.

It's a sad state when a state politics blogger without a degree in journalism had a higher journalistic standard during his old college-newspaper days than the Paper of Record. Back when I wrote something that appeared on the front-paged, I used facts and figures... quite unlike the stuff frequently coming out of the Globe these days.


Anonymous said...

I quit reading the Globe about ten years ago. It's all spin. There are far better "NEWS" sources out there that report the facts, requiring the reader to render an opinion. This is the type of news I am interested in.

I think the Globe means well and I am sure all the liberal elitists over there are just doing what they decide is best for "everybody".

massmarrier said...

I also roll my eyes at the Glob/Glib/Globe piece on the pending stoppage of greyhound racing. The paper bought into the spurious arguments of track owners, to the point of calling for a no vote on question 3. Now they run a oh-the-poor-doggies article. They didn't think much about the dogs before. Harrumph.

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