Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anyone Who Uses Republicans to Become Speaker

Is the Enemy.


I'm looking at you, Rep. Rogers.

From the State House News Service (emphasis mine):
DiMasi was still weighing his options late Friday, but several House members said privately they expected him to relinquish the gavel within a week. DeLeo allies quietly but confidently predicted that the Ways and Means Committee chair would be speaker by the end of the month. Rogers said he was confident he would be the next speaker, and was reaching out to House Republicans in an effort to reach the 81-vote majority.
It's no big secret that DeLeo has the inside track to the Speakership, I'm hearing that from people with their own sources as well as those I know in the know. But what I don't know is how solid that majority is. I wish both Rogers and DeLeo the best, but let it be known that anyone who uses the Republican Party to gain the Speakership is the enemy. We had a Speaker who had done that before and this state suffered under those regressive policies. Speaker DiMasi, say what you want about him, was a progressive hero who did a lot of good. We can't afford to revert backwards from his policies, legislative goals and visions.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. Republicans have every right to vote for either of the two a@@holes. Now you want to take away their vote. How about a third candidate? Maybe there is someone in the building without the FBI on their ass.

Anonymous said...

Who should republicans vote for? Man are you out to lunch.

Ryan said...

They can vote for whoever they'd like. But Democrats who vote for the candidate the Republicans support should be held accountable. I am and have long been a partisan. No apologies there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a good old secret ballot will do the trick instead of the bullshit rollcall/i'll screw you if you do not vote for me crap that goes on would make sense.

Ryan said...

No, the public has a right to know who voted for whom in congress. That's a basic principal of representative democracy.

Anonymous said...

The state house is not a representative democracy. I would suggest to you that it is far from it. that's the fu@#in problem.

Anonymous said...

So Obama shouldn't be talking to any Republicans in Washington, and let the partisan battles begin. Or does this just apply to the socialist state of Mass.

Ryan said...

What Republican voted for Nancy Pelosi?

Oh, none?

That's right.

Obviously, I'm not talking about bills and laws and amendments. Leadership positions? Of course.

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