Friday, January 30, 2009

Ask Ryan Anything

Happy Friday.

Any questions?

Editor's Choice: The answer to "What is the best platform-adventure game of all time?" is below.

Donkey Kong Country 2:
Diddy's Kong Quest

The pinnacle of platform gaming - with the best VG soundtrack ever.


sco said...

You know Ryan, over the months and years you've written a lot that I disagreed with, but never before have I been so motivated to tell you that you are wrong.

The best platformer ever is Super Mario Brothers 3. It is not even a contest.

Ryan said...

Super Mario 3 is a good game, for sure, but I question whether you've played Donkey Kong Country 2, because I can't possibly fathom how anyone who's played that game wouldn't come to the conclusion that it's the best. SM3 may even be better than the first Donkey Kong, but definitely not the second.

Anonymous said...

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