Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changing Tenor of Vitale Globe Coverage

Is the Globe listening? Their latest article about Richard Vitale, based on the fact that Vitale has plead not guilty, is by far the best article on the subject they've written to date, at least in terms of journalistic standards.

Why? For starters, the headline is "Vitale pleads not guilty," whereas if this article were written a month ago it probably would have been, "DiMasi's Bestest BFF Says He's Not Guilty," or something like that. Furthermore, the Globe was more careful with the use of the world "friend," which can mean anything, especially with a well-known politician who has thousands of 'friends.' The Globe carefully defined the relationship in the very same sentence they discuss the 'friendship.' Good. Moreover, there isn't the obligatory first paragraph that's just about DiMasi and Vitale's friendship - they limited it to a sentence - before the Globe even gets to any of the important details of the story.

So, it's not a perfect article, but here's hoping the DiMasi witch hunt is over and any future Richard Vitale stories will be about Richard Vitale, not stretched to the max to somehow cloud the Speaker in guilt by association.


Anonymous said...

Sal's gone by 4/1/09.

Anonymous said...

Why the love affair with Sal?

Ryan said...

It's not a love affair with Sal, it's a love affair with fair and honest journalism. Media critiques has always been one of the staples of this blog, going on for over 2 years now.

Anonymous said...

Sal is done 4/1/09. The correct question the Globe should be asking is why all the special favors given Vitale from the judge? Maybe Sal got to the judge.

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